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Majority of people and small businesses use a professional tax service to assist with the preparation of taxes. Individuals and Business owners often seek the help of professional preparers to get the most out of their returns. Many want to avoid penalty, even for simple returns, as the rules may change from year to year . It’s easy to overlook these changes and submit an incorrect return. We will make sure not only that your taxes are correct and meet regulatory standards, but also that you get the most out of your returns.

With all the regulations, complexities and constant changes to the tax code, filing taxes effectively can be a burden on small business owners. We look at a company’s goals and strategize how to maximize your returns and revenue. United Financial is a company that focuses on small business owners and assisting them with all their unique tax needs.

Expert licensed preparers will work directly with you to make sure no stone goes unturned, finding all possible deductions and credits to increase your post-tax revenue. For past 3 decades United Financial, Inc. has extensive experience in preparing:

  1. Single Member LLC, Corporate, Partnership, Trust and Gift Tax Preparation – Starting from $500.00
  2. Non-Profit Organizations – Starting from $300.00
  3. State and Local Income and Sales/Use Taxes
  4. Consolidated Tax Returns

Due to constant changes to the tax codes, The IRS has made even filing a simple return a nightmare. Individuals without an extensive knowledge of the tax code may overlook valuable deduction and run the risk of filing an incorrect return. With over 3 decades of experience and an eye attuned to detail, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to saving you money and ensuring all credits and deductions possible are received.Get some stress relief and more time back to yourself by letting our professional preparers handle your taxes. Our licensed expert advisors are ready to help you.

  1. Individual Tax Preparation – Starting from $150.00
  2. Estates – Starting $300.00

Here at United Tax Services, Inc. we work for you, not for the IRS. We want to help our clients to minimize their tax liability, by utilizing every credit and deduction they are entitled to. Reduced tax liability through careful tax planning and legitimate tax strategies will ensure you get the best returns and retain as much of your income as possible. Tax planning helps you as a business owner to chart your success through decisions that are right for you. Through learning about your business and goals, we aim to help you understand how your tax liability will be affected by decisions you make. Our Tax Planners are here to help you strategically plan to invest and purchase in a way that helps you keep more of your money.

From time to time, issues may arise with the IRS. Dealing with these issues can be a stressful and time consuming burden on an individual and small business owner. Our team members have decades of experience and expertise to help you with a myriad of issues, including but not limited to:

  1. Audits
  2. Unfiled Taxes
  3. Back Taxes
  4. Payroll tax issues
  5. Liens & Garnishments